Maine Roots

i-Comm Connect was founded in 2009 in Portland, ME with a mission to transform the customer service industry. Our flagship product, TACTAL, elevates the customer experience by placing an instant call button directly on a company’s website for easy accessibility to a live representative.

With strong roots in the beautiful coastal city of Portland, the company continues to be headquartered there. In 2016 the growing team added a satellite office in the heart of New York City, right next to Grand Central Terminal.

TACTAL leverages another Portland, ME based company, Fore Street Telco, to enable VoIP telecommunications from anywhere in the world. Utilizing Fore Street Telco makes it possible for companies to route their call buttons to any existing phone line, whether that be traditional land line, cell phone, VoIP or PBX system.

Patent Protected

i-Comm Connect was granted the patent System and Method for Voice over Internet Protocol in the following countries:

U.S.: #8,520,661 granted August 27, 2013

Japan: #529781 granted June 21, 2013

Canada: #2,633,648 granted June 23, 2015

EU Application: #06839416.2 (pending)


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