Superior Customer Experience

Our solution makes it easy for your customer to contact you with just the push of a button. The experience is consistent across all devices with no plugins or downloads required.

Significant Financial Savings

International toll-free and long distance calling is expensive to host. Drastically reduce your telco expenses by pushing call volume to our web-based solution.

Expand Global Reach

Drive sales from countries where toll-free services are not supported or too costly to host. Your global reach extends to anywhere customers have access to internet.

Encrypted, Secure Solution

TACTAL runs on a completely secure platform and uses end-to-end encryption, protecting the sensitive information of both your company and your customers.

Visual Directory Feature

Customers can navigate to the correct department or individual within your company, eliminating the need for interactive voice response (IVR) systems that often turn customers away.

Data Tracking & Analytics

Track each call in real time and capture important metrics such as caller location. Integrate within your existing CRM to auto-populate caller information for sales reps.

Easy Installation

Our self-admin panel makes it simple to generate and manage your call buttons. TACTAL is easily deployed across your existing telephony solution or back-end system with no additional infrastructure required.

Increase Sales

Customer inquiries can be addressed faster over the phone than over chat, web forms, or email. Leverage TACTAL to boost call volume, close more deals, and to retain loyal, satisfied customers.

Smart Call Routing

Schedule call routing for specific days and hours of operation to different representatives, locations, or departments for a more robust customer support offering.

Call-to-Action Marketing

Add live call buttons to your email signature or e-marketing campaigns for customers to instantly connect to your business. Measure campaign performance to enhance sales and marketing efforts.

Reduce Website Abandonment

Offering visitors real-time assistance increases conversion rates and avoids customers leaving your site when they run into a question or issue.

Call Center Efficacy

Real-time call data such as time to answer and call duration allows your business to measure and improve upon the efficacy of call centers.

Protect Personal Number

TACTAL call buttons allow customers to contact you directly without providing a direct line or personal cell phone number. Establish communication channels while protecting personal information.

Call Queue Management

TACTAL’S call wait queue allows your business to answer more calls than you have lines and/or agents available, and holds them in a queue until an agent is able to take their call.

Start using TACTAL today!