What is TACTAL by iCC?

TACTAL by i-Comm Connect allows businesses to add live call buttons to their website, app, or e-marketing materials. With just one click on the button, customers are instantly connected to a live representative through their browser from anywhere in the world with an internet connected device. Our patented VoIP technology instantaneously navigates the lowest-cost and most efficient call path for both the customer and business.

Who is TACTAL for?

TACTAL was built for companies looking to deliver fantastic customer service and add a human touch to their digital presence.  TACTAL’s customers range from single employee businesses to major international companies; the only requirement is the desire to communicate more effectively with your customers. To learn more about our Solutions click here.

What can it do for my business?

TACTAL provides a huge competitive advantage for any company that engages in customer-to-business communication. The global calling solution provides a superior customer experience and reduces a company’s telco expenses by driving call volume away costly international toll-free and long distance calling. The entire experience occurs through the browser without interrupting the customer’s engagement with the website, thus enabling a pipeline of real-time data capture to understand your customer better and increase marketing ROI. For more on how TACTAL can transform your business click here.

How much does TACTAL cost?

TACTAL’s pricing begins at $20 for small businesses and increases as you add more features.  Learn more about our pricing structure here.

Where does TACTAL work?

TACTAL works on all browsers and devices connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world!

How is TACTAL different from other web-based calling solutions?

TACTAL is unique from other free-calling software such as Skype and Whatsapp as it requires no downloads, plugins or login information from either party. TACTAL also differentiates itself from other click-to-call platforms through its encrypted calling structure.  All TACTAL calls run through a secure platform, protecting the sensitive information of both your company and your customers.

What type of data can I get with TACTAL and where can I find the data?

 TACTAL can capture a variety of data including;

  • Call Initiation Source (Website Page, Email, Video, etc.)
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • Device Type
  • Caller Location
  • Time to Answer
  • Call Start Time
  • Call End Time
  • Number of Billable Minutes  

All data can be found in the Admin Portal.

Can TACTAL be integrated into my existing CRM?

Yes, TACTAL can integrate with your CRM system, providing the data captured by each call in a reportable form within the CRM system.

Does the call always go through?

Yes. Our integrated call path offers a unique fall-back system that ensures every customer, regardless of device used, can reach the business. When the customer is using a non-compliant browser or the internet bandwidth is insufficient, TACTAL will geo-locate the individual and provide the correct number to reach the business. On a cell phone, TACTAL populates the location-specific toll-free or local exchange number into the dialer. If geo-location is unavailable, the customer will be prompted with a list of toll-free numbers to choose from.

How are the call buttons managed?

TACTAL is completely self-administered by your business through the Admin Portal. When signing up for the service, an individual at your company is designated to manage the entire account and can assign other employees as managers for specific subscriptions.

Can I customize the button on my website?

Yes, the button can be customized to match the look and feel of your website.  i-Comm Connect provides a variety of standard buttons for you to use, and can help assist in any specific customizations you are looking for.  Our employees look forward to working with you and your web design team to get the right button on your website!

What do I need for TACTAL to work?

For TACTAL to work, all you need is a website or mobile app to host the button and any hard or soft-phone to answer the call.  It’s easy to implement and uses no additional software; simply place a few lines of code onto your website and TACTAL is ready to go.

How do I get TACTAL by i-Comm Connect on my website?

Click here to sign up or reach out to one of our sales representatives to get started today!