TACTAL’s API connects to Salesforce.com to provide real-time call statistics and metrics that can be reported on within the Salesforce.com interface. The data captured by TACTAL includes; Call Initiation Source (Website Page, Email, Video, etc.), Call Start Time, Call End Time, and Location of Caller. This connection eliminates manual entry errors and increases the accuracy of marketing data within the CRM system.

Constant Contact

TACTAL integrates with the Constant Contact interface by placing live call buttons on all forms of marketing collateral sent through Constant Contact. Increase lead generation by allowing customers to call instantly while remaining engaged with the digital content. A unique hyperlink can be assigned to various marketing efforts to measure the success of each campaign.

Office 365 / Outlook Signatures

TACTAL’s Office365/Outlook API integrates a Company’s designated call button and an employee’s TACTAL snippet code to create an actionable call button in every Outlook email signature.

Active Directory

The TACTAL solution interfaces with an Active Directory (AD) by leveraging internal employee information to populate and maintain your TACTAL Directory. TACTAL automatically syncs with the AD Groups (TACTAL Departments) and AD Users (TACTAL Contacts) to maintain current employee contact information, streamlining the directory management process.

Screen Sharing

TACTAL offers screen sharing as a bolt-on SaaS service to its global calling solution. Customer support representatives use a Single Sign On (when implemented in conjunction with our Active Directory API) or Manual Authentication to access the hosted screen sharing solution. Upon connecting, the customer is presented with a link to the screen share environment where representatives can offer real-time support. Once the screen is shared the customer can provide the representative with remote control of their desktop to best serve their needs.


TACTAL offers a host of solutions that can be customized for your company’s needs. We are happy to develop custom APIs to enhance communications across your organization. For more information please Contact Us.

Mobile App Integration

SDK (Software Development Toolkit) for iOS and Android

Add embedded calling directly into your mobile app so that app users can place a toll-free call from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The TACTAL SDKs are individually built to natively integrate the hardware components of each device enabling SIP communications. The device microphone, speakers, keypad, and location identification services are all embedded with the simple integration of the SDK, eliminating the need for developers to gain access to each device. With the TACTAL SDK, clients can place a toll-free call directly through the app even where toll-free numbers are not available.

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