TACTAL Solutions

Proactively engage with your customers and own the entire digital experience

TACTAL by i-Comm Connect makes it easy for customers to speak to your sales and support representatives, driving more sales and improving customer satisfaction. Our global calling solution offers a competitive advantage for any company that engages in customer-to-business communications, scaling from small and growing to large enterprise companies.

For Your Website:

Adding a TACTAL call button to your website makes it easier for customers to contact your business – converting web traffic into leads with just one click. The call buttons can be routed to any number of your choosing, work line or personal cell phone, or even scheduled to different numbers based on time of day, or day of week. The entire calling experience occurs directly through your customer’s browser as they remain engaged with your website, driving more calls and providing a superior customer experience.

For Your Business:

Your business can integrate a direct dial call button or TACTAL’s virtual directory feature, which allows customers to navigate a directory tree to a specific department, location, or representative. The virtual directory connects your customer to the correct representative to address their specific needs, allowing them to bypass frustrating interactive voice response (IVR) systems. The virtual directory feature can also be used by employees as an internal means of communication for free calling from anywhere. TACTAL ensures that website visitors never have to leave your business’s digital experience to place a call. Data surrounding each inbound call is captured and displayed through an analytics dashboard available to you. Live call buttons can also be added to email signatures, promotional materials, and e-marketing campaigns for customers to instantly connect with your business while remaining engaged with the digital content in front of them.

For Your App:

TACTAL seamlessly integrates into your company’s mobile app so that customers never have to leave your application to place a call. There is no need to use fake or recycled numbers for privacy, as TACTAL provides your customer a call button with end-to-end encryption so that individuals can communicate without the need to share phone numbers. All communications are kept within the app so that transactions are never taken off-platform. The solution works across all devices and all calls are run through a secure network, protecting the sensitive information of both your company and your customers.

For Your Call Centers:

TACTAL allows call center reps to address customer inquiries more efficiently by capturing and displaying data in real time, such as caller location and IP address. The solution can be integrated into your CRM system to leverage existing customer profiles for superior service. TACTAL works with any new or legacy system in place, with the ability to go SIP-SIP or SIP-PSTN with no additional infrastructure required. TACTAL’S call wait queue allows your business to answer more calls than you have lines and/or agents available, and holds them in a queue until an agent is available to take their call. Companies with a large volume of costly international, toll-free and long distance calls can save up to 85% of their telco expenses by driving calls through our web-based solution.  TACTAL turns your call center from a cost center in a profit center!

Enhance Your Existing Telephony Solution

We know that quality customer service is essential to your company’s success. TACTAL has the power to enhance your customer’s experience without changing anything about the way you already do business. TACTAL is simply a complementary service to your traditional telecom system with no additional infrastructure or equipment required.

Easy Installation and Management of Call Buttons

Our Admin Portal makes it simple to generate and manage your call buttons. Each call button is just two lines of HTML5 code inserted directly into your website. Call buttons can be scheduled to reach different phone numbers based on the day or time, and customized to match the look and feel of your brand. You can view all metrics associated with inbound calls through the data dashboard on the Admin Portal. To learn more about our technology click here.

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