No one wants to talk to an agent or sales rep until they have to. With TACTAL, escalating your live Drift chat to voice call is simple.


  • Allow site visitors to interact with your support team on their terms through an omnichannel experience
  • Increase lead conversion through minimizing website abandonment and increasing lead satisfaction
  • Improve your service quality thoughca low-cost investment with a high return on customer experience

How It Works

  1. While in a Drift conversation, if the website visitor requests a voice call simply enter either /tactal or /call into the reply field

2. This will prompt a user-specific click-to-call link to be generated in the conversation window

Installation Guide

    1. Log on to your Drift account
    2. Click Settings > App Settings > Integrations
    3. Search for “TACTAL” & click “View Details”
    4. Click on “Connect”
    5. Login if you have a TACTAL account
    6. Complete registration if you do not have a TACTAL account

  1. Registration will request basic details along with a credit card for payment
  2.  Once the above is complete click “Save” to finalize your integration


TACTAL pricing is based on the number of interactions, successfully connected voice conversations, used by the business. At just $0.50/interaction, utilization is simple with no hidden costs. Our solution also includes 25 Free Interactions per month, any interaction after your first 25 is only $0.50.

25 Interactions Free
  • 26 + Interactions $.50

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