TACTAL for Enterprise

Data-driven and customer-centric, TACTAL is your universal, low-cost customer service solution. TACTAL is a unique click-to-call software that enhances the customer experience, improves your service team’s efficiency, and seamlessly integrates across your existing Enterprise systems.

Optimized Call Center Productivity

TACTAL gives your Enterprise business the tools you need to improve the efficiency of your call center operations. With features including call queue management, smart call routing, and in-depth data reports, your team can not only provide informed customer service but proactively improve overall productivity.

Real-Time Caller Data

With TACTAL, you’re able to capture real-time data including location and IP address and use it to optimize the customer experience. When integrated into your CRM, TACTAL can show you even more information from an incoming call. The customer information will appear immediately in our admin panel, allowing your agents to see their customer history, anticipate their needs, and provide contextualized customer service.

Improved User Experience

TACTAL’s simple click-to-call button makes web calling easier than ever before. With our Visual Directory feature, callers can self-navigate through an online directory by department, location, or title to efficiently reach the right person to address their needs. By offering visitors real-time assistance, TACTAL significantly reduces website abandonment when users run into a question or issue.

Seamless System Integration

With a complete list of direct integrations to applications like Salesforce and Drift, TACTAL can be easily added to virtually any part of your company’s existing systems – including your CRM, chatbot, or email automation platform. Custom integration development is also available so your communication solution is truly seamless. Simple to use and easy to install, TACTAL facilitates a streamlined communication experience with your customers – minimizing time spent on complicated implementation, maximizing retention, and building your brand’s digital presence.

Reduce International Calling Costs

For an Enterprise business international toll-free and long distance calling is expensive to host. That’s why TACTAL pushes all call volume to a web-based solution, drastically reducing your telco expenses by up to 85%.

Do you want TACTAL to integrate with your existing systems?

Browse our comprehensive list of direct platform integrations to see how TACTAL can help improve your entire customer service process.