TACTAL by i-Comm Connect makes it easy for customers to reach your business, driving more sales and improving the customer experience. Our global calling solution offers a competitive advantage for any company that engages in customer-to-business communications, ranging from small-to-midsize businesses to large enterprise companies. TACTAL provides a variety of features that will dramatically improve your communication strategy.

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Click-to-Call Button

TACTAL is an easy to install and simple to use call button that can be added to any digital touchpoint with a short HTML snippet code. By adding TACTAL to your website, customers can reach you anywhere with an internet connection. Each call button can be routed to any phone number of your choosing and even scheduled to different numbers based on time of day or days of the week.

Visual Directory

TACTAL’s patented Visual Directory provides an intuitive landscape for customers to seamlessly contact your business. With our Visual Directory feature, callers can self navigate through an online directory by department, location, or title to efficiently reach the right person to address their needs.

In-App Calling

TACTAL seamlessly integrates into your business’s mobile app so that customers never have to leave your application to place a call, allowing your team to view crucial customer data in real time. Actionable from any smart device, our in-app calling feature creates a full, omni-channel customer service experience.

Marketing Applications

Enhance your marketing materials with TACTAL’s unique click-to-call solution. By adding TACTAL’s simple HTML code to your digital PDFs, email signatures, prospecting emails, and banner ads, potential customers can reach you instantly through a direct call-to-action. Our analytics panel makes it easy to analyze button clicks so you can proactively develop an informed marketing strategy. TACTAL takes your marketing efforts to the next level, improving customer experience and providing valuable user data.