TACTAL’s click-to-call solution enhances the customer experience through faster and easier connection with the right agent. Our patented Visual Directory eliminates traditional IVR frustration and seamlessly integrates with your PureCloud solution to capture customer data in real time.


  • Allows visitors to easily navigate through a visual IVR
  • Increases data flow through contextual calling, which in turn increases the amount of data passed to agents
  • By simplifying the customer service process, TACTAL minimizes website abandonment and improves the user’s interaction with your brand

How It Works

  1. TACTAL is an over the top solution, so there is no need to purchase new phone numbers to fully utilize the solution
  2. TACTAL offers 3 easy ways to add the call button to your site:
    • Option 1: Install the Snippet Code in the Header
      • Our platform prepopulates a snippet code that you can use to add to the header of your website.
      • The snippet code includes both a rectangle and circle button option and allows for a predeterimed location or manually defining the location.
    • Option 2: Add to Any Link
      • On your site or digital touchpoints, you can link your directory URL
      • Once the link is clicked your users will see your visual directory
      • This can be from a powerpoint, a <a> link on a webpage, an email signature or any other clickable link
    • Option 3: WordPress Plugin
      • TACTAL has an easy to use a WordPress plugin
      • If your site is built with WordPress you can easily install the plugin
      • The plugin can be found here

Installation Guide

  1. Log on to your PureCloud account
  2. Navigate to Admin > Integrations < OAuth
  3. Click “+ Add Client”
  4. Enter app name
  5. Select “Grant Client Credentials”
  6. In “Roles” enable “Admin” & “Master Admin”
  7. Click “Save”
  8. The client ID and secret key have been generated automatically
  9. Log on to TACTAL via www.admin.tactal.com
  10. Click “Edit Subscription”
  11. Click the “Integration Connectivity” button
  12. Enter the “Client ID” and “Client Secret”
  13. Click “Visual Directory” and select what users, groups, queue and/or call routes that will appear in the visual directory


TACTAL pricing is based on the number of interactions, successfully connected voice conversations, used by the business. At just $0.50/interaction, utilization is simple with no hidden costs. Our solution also includes 25 Free Interactions per month, any interaction after your first 25 is only $0.50.

25 Interactions Free
  • 26 + Interactions $.50

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