TACTAL directly integrates with multiple applications and platforms so your solution is seamless across all your active systems.


The TACTAL | Drift Integration allows Drift chat users to escalate to a voice call with the corresponding agent when the customer wants to talk to a live representative. The Drift integration minimizes website abandonment and improves service quality with the voice option customers.

The TACTAL | Salesforce Integration enables inbound and outbound calling directly to or from your Salesforce platform. Caller data is passed through to the user in real time for increased efficiency and an improved customer experience.


The TACTAL | ServiceNow Integration enables inbound and outbound calling directly through your ServiceNow platform. From a product page on the service portal, an end user can initiate an inbound call to the assigned agent. Inversely, from the management portal, agents can initiate outbound calls to the end user.

Genesys PureCloud

The TACTAL | Genesys PureCloud Integration enhances the customer experience through faster and easier connection with the right agent. Our patented Visual Directory eliminates traditional IVR frustration and integrates with your existing PureCloud solution to capture customer data.

NICE inContact

The TACTAL | NICE inContact Integration allows calls to flow directly to your NICE inContact solution and passes caller data through to the agent for increased call center efficiency and an improved customer experience. Allow faster and easier connection to the right agent at the right time.


TACTAL offers a host of solutions that can be customized for your company’s needs. We are happy to develop custom APIs to enhance communications across your organization. For more information please Contact Us.

Mobile App Integration

SDK (Software Development Toolkit) for iOS and Android

TACTAL’s SDKs allow you to embed calling directly into your iOS or Android mobile application, enabling users to place a VoIP call from anywhere in the world. The directory-based Visual Directory set-up allows users to navigate to their desired department or location, eliminating caller frustration. Users never have to leave the current experience to place a call, maximizing customer engagement with the app. TACTAL can capture information from within the app to pass to the agent for more context about why they are calling.

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