What is IoTComs?

The IoT economy has exploded throughout the past decade, yet companies continue to utilize inefficient and expensive legacy work flows. New definitions of corporate responsibility require smart solutions and IoTComs offers just that: seamless communication between enterprise IoT systems and the service providers, stakeholders, and the impacted user community. Improve every aspect of your business’s communication system through a single solution.

TACTAL How IoTComs Works

Improve Operational Efficiency

Integrate automated processes including push notifications to streamline communication across your operations, eliminating the need for step-by-step processes within your current business workflow.

Contextual Communications

Ensure service providers and stakeholders are up to date with automated SMS, calls, or notifications that provide context to the device’s status. With IoTComs you can create unique business profiles for every stakeholder, assign communication triggers, and automatically deploy custom tickets.


Want to learn more about the full capabilities of IoTComs?

i-Comm’s revolutionary new technology uses contextual communication to optimize current business workflows within existing IoT systems. Download our sell sheet or contact sales to learn more.