TACTAL integrates directly with your existing NICE inContact solution to pass caller data through to the agent for increased call center efficiency and improved customer experience.


  • Using just one line of code, TACTAL is easy to install on your website or any digital touchpoint. The cloud-based administration panel provides quick portal access and real-time data and analytics.
  • TACTAL’s visual directory makes it easier for customers to navigate to the best agent to solve their issue. TACTAL works from any device and passes data to the representative or CRM in real time for more contextualized service. Our solution also allows your team to field more calls than you have lines available.
  • Our WebRTC calling solution can be used anywhere in the world, reducing your international telco costs and expanding your customer reach. Take your NICE inContact solution to a full omni-channel with no additional development work.
  • Add VoIP calling to your mobile app seamlessly with TACTAL. Users do not have to leave the app to place a call. Available for Android and iOS.

How It Works

Level 1 Integration: Enabling the WebRTC Call Button

Simply add your Contact Number(s) to TACTAL and place the call button on your site. From there calls will flow through your existing IVR structure without any adjustment of scripts.

Level 2 Integration: Data Pass

With minimum adjustments to your script the Level 2 integration enables your agents to have more contextual data available from the call. You can learn about the specific page a user is calling from, have them enter a form to collect optimal information and increase the amount of data available to your CRM.

Level 3 Integration: Automatic Call Routing

Optimize your IVR through the patented Visual Directory from TACTAL. Your customers will navigate directly to the agent or team that can best resolve their issue. Take the benefits of Level 1 & Level 2 to fully embrace the omni-channel solution


TACTAL pricing is based on the number of interactions, successfully connected voice conversations, used by the business. At just $0.50/interaction, utilization is simple with no hidden costs. Our solution also includes 25 Free Interactions per month, any interaction after your first 25 is only $0.50.

25 Interactions Free
  • 26 + Interactions $.50

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