Providing proactive, informed, and customized service is the key to building successful client relationships.

TACTAL integrates directly with your existing Salesforce platform and passes valuable caller data to the agent in real time for increased efficiency and an improved customer experience.


  • Proactively provide informed customer service with caller data that can be stored and organized directly in your Salesforce platform
  • Increase the accuracy of your customer information and eliminate the need for manual data entry
  • Improve your service quality though a low-cost investment with a high return on customer experience

How It Works

Website Call Button

TACTAL’s click-to-call button is simple to install on your website or any digital touchpoint and integrates seamlessly into your existing Salesforce solution, providing a simpler customer experience and a more efficient way for your team to utilize caller data.

In-App Calling

Add VoIP calling to your mobile app seamlessly with TACTAL, allowing users to contact you without ever leaving the app. In-app calling is available for Android and iOS.

Outbound Calling

Agents can use TACTAL call buttons within the Salesforce platform to place outbound calls to their customer base, streamlining customer outreach.


TACTAL pricing is based on the number of interactions, successfully connected voice conversations, used by the business. At just $0.50/interaction, utilization is simple with no hidden costs. Our solution also includes 25 Free Interactions per month, any interaction after your first 25 is only $0.50.

25 Interactions Free
  • 26 + Interactions $.50

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