Your ServiceNow solution already works to optimize workflows. TACTAL takes your solution to the next level by providing informed and efficient customer service.


  • Increase Agent Efficiency: Agents can work through incoming calls more quickly with contextual data passed through about client and specific product/page.
  • Better Customer Experience: Agents have caller data at their fingertips, which eliminates the need for customers to repeat redundant information and creates a more seamless contact experience.
  • Reduce Telco OpEx: As a global WebRTC solution, TACTAL reduces international telco costs and expands customer reach over the top of your existing infrastructure.

How It Works

  1. TACTAL seamlessly integrates with your existing ServiceNow solution and enables inbound and outbound calling directly through the platform through direct dial or the Visual IVR functionality.
  2. From a product page on the ServiceNow Management Portal, an end user can initiate an outbound call to the assigned agent which automatically generates a case with the specific call, user contact, call duration, and product details.
  3. From the management portal, agents can initiate inbound calls to the end user to effectively contact the case/incidents submitters directly from the management platform.
  4. The business experiences huge cost savings as all calls flow SIP-SIP with no additional international charges or termination fees.


TACTAL pricing is based on the number of interactions, successfully connected voice conversations, used by the business. At just $0.50 per interaction, utilization is simple with no hidden costs. Our solution also includes 25 Free Interactions per month, any interaction after your first 25 is only $0.50. No termination fees. No per-minute rates or charges. No international initiation fees.

25 Interactions Free
  • 26 + Interactions $.50

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