Turn your growing business into a 24/7 operation with TACTAL. With this one plug and play solution you will be able to minimize website abandonment, provide better customer service, capture important data, and ultimately close more deals. TACTAL is your low-cost telco strategy with a high-return on investment and customer success.

Be Available Any Time, Anywhere

With web-based calling, anywhere internet is available, prospective customers can use the TACTAL click-to-call button to reach your team. And with TACTAL’s Visual Directory, you are able to route those calls to the individual or team of your choice – whether that be a specific department or your personal line.

Uncover New Business Opportunities

Our comprehensive analytics panel stores all data after each call including location and IP address, so you can use it to uncover new geographic trends and sales opportunities. Armed with this insight, your team can provide more proactive customer service and capitalize market potential you didn’t know you were missing.

Reduce International Telco Costs

International toll-free and long distance calling is expensive to host. Drastically reduce your telco expenses by pushing call volume to our web-based solution, and allow your business additional flexibility to re-invest in more revenue-generating activities.

Seamless Integration

Installing TACTAL is simple, painless, and will soon become a routine part of your sales, marketing, and customer service processes for all digital touchpoints. TACTAL is easily added to your website with only 1 line of HTML code and does not require any additional infrastructure so your solution is truly seamless.

Do these benefits fall in line with your business goals?

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