TACTAL by i-Comm Connect

TACTAL is an instant click-to-call button that can be placed on any website, mobile app, or digital touchpoints with a simple HTML snippet code. Using cutting-edge WebRTC technology, your leads and customers can reach you anytime, anywhere, with the touch of a button. Since the user never needs to leave the website, app, or other digital touchpoint to place a TACTAL call, the solution captures important customer data, like location and IP address, in real time. With TACTAL’s patented Visual Directory, users can also navigate to find the correct representative or department to answer their questions and avoid frustrating voice-prompt IVR solutions.

Better communication is just one click away – enable your customers to reach you like never with TACTAL.

How to Install TACTAL

TACTAL is easy to install and scales for any size business. For TACTAL to work, all you need is a website or mobile app and a phone number. Input your desired contacts into the self-admin panel, copy-and-paste a few lines of HTML code onto your website, and TACTAL is live! i-Comm Connect provides a variety of button customizations and will work with your company to match the look and feel of your website. TACTAL can even be added to any of the following touchpoints to further maximize the reach of your marketing strategy:

  • Marketing collateral
  • Email Signatures
  • Promotional emails
  • Online ads
  • QR codes

The Technology Behind TACTAL

TACTAL utilizes WebRTC communications through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to establish the appropriate network communication method, navigating to the most efficient and cost-effective call path based on the phone number provided by the business. i-Comm Connect has strategically partnered with Fore Street Telco to enable SIP to SIP or SIP to Public Switch Telecommunications Network (PSTN) communications.

TACTAL is an easy to use service that optimizes your traditional telecommunications system. Our patented technology works with any new or legacy system in place, with the ability to go SIP-SIP or SIP-PSTN, no additional infrastructure is required. The solution works on all browsers and devices connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world. And it’s unique from other free-calling software, such as Skype and Whatsapp, as it requires no downloads, plug-ins or login information for the customer to call —simply click and connect.

A Secure and Encrypted Solution

TACTAL differentiates itself from other click-to-call platforms through its end-to-end encrypted calling structure, which allows customers to place low-bandwidth, high-quality calls that are secure and private.

TACTAL’s secure platform uses 256-bit encryption key over SSL and TLS while leveraging an additional 128-bit encryption for browser-based communication to provide secure voice and data transmission. VoIP calls are placed through secure WebRTC channels with the ability to mask numbers and block specific IP Addresses for additional privacy measures.

Start using TACTAL today!